Powered by UMS Banking, a full-service credit card processor and merchant services provider, UMS Ticketing has online, mobile, or box office ticketing options for tours, fairgrounds, events, and just about anything else that involves ticket sales.  UMS Ticketing works with ticketing platforms such as TicketSocket, eTix, and Saffire to offer customized ticketing solutions that are simple and powerful. 

Our corporate partnership with National Tour Association validates our standing as a reliable ticketing provider for hundreds of businesses that operate and supply tours.

UMS Ticketing offers

  • Fast and easy setup to quickly build events, as well as create and modify packages.

  • Simple ticket purchases, whether online or at the gate/box office.

  • A true white label, branded to your venue so it looks like you built it yourself.

  • Reserved seating options.

  • A social media tool for tour operators to boost their new leads. 

  • Funding in 48 hours.

  • Comprehensive cloud-based reporting for insight into sales totals and inventory.

  • Customer promo codes and access to purchase group events.