Introducing the Clover POS System for Your Merchants


We know how important it is for financial institutions to stay up-to-date on all the new, cutting-edge business technologies. That’s because we do the same for our FIs and merchants. It’s not about having all the newest gadgets and gizmos; it’s about having the best tools to help your merchants operate more efficiently day-to-day.

Many of your merchants probably fall into the category of restaurants or busy retailers with many customers and employees. Businesses of this type require a super-fast, super-reliable point-of-sale system in order to keep up with the fast pace of business. If you’ve ever been to a restaurant or retailer who lacks such a system, you’ve seen the difference. Slow and glitchy POS systems slow down the entire operation. That’s why merchants prefer solutions that they can count on – like Clover POS.

Clover POS is a terminal made for merchants with many customers and employees, like restaurants and retail. It’s not your mother’s POS terminal, though: In addition to taking cash and credit card payments, printing receipts, and scanning bar codes, Clover boasts a number of features that go beyond basic payment functionality.  

For example, Clover POS enables merchants to monitor inventory, reporting and accounting, and customer engagement. They can easily manage tips, tabs, authorizations, and refunds, too. Tell your merchants they can finally ditch that outdated clock-in/clock-out system for Clover’s shift managing features, including time-off requests and shift changes. Additionally, with Clover, your merchants can accept not only credit, debit, and cash transactions, but also EMV, Apple Pay, and Android Pay.

Clover POS is cloud-based, allowing merchants on-the-go access from any laptop or computer, at any time. It comes in three attractive varieties: Clover Station, a countertop unit; Clover Mini, an extra-sleek countertop unit; and Clover Mobile, a mobile POS solution.  

One of the best features of Clover is its seamless integration with other programs. Whether your merchant wants to sync with cloud computing tools or download apps from other developers, Clover POS makes it easy. The system even includes extra USB ports for hardware expansion.

Interested in learning more about Clover, the reliable POS system that your merchants have been waiting for? Visit today.

Brian Castle