online reporting

UMS Banking uses multiple processors who have their own unique systems for online reporting. See our step-by-step guide below to learn how to access online reports based on your processor.

Please refer to the first 4 digits of your MID (Merchant Identification Number) to access your online reports.

For Global Payment Solutions Merchants

MIDs beginning with 8788

You will need your Merchant ID, Federal Tax ID, and Bank Deposit Account (DDA Number) on hand to register. The website (URL) to access is

  • Click on the Register Now link

  • Enter your MID

  • You will be prompted to verify the account using the Federal Tax ID and Bank Deposit Account (DDA Number)

  • Choose a password and 3 security questions

If you will need more than one user or have multiple MIDs, please send an email to or call us at (800) 866-1881 for assistance.

For TSYS Merchants

MIDs beginning with 8901

The website (URL) to access is:

  • Log in to the system using your MID as the ID: – 890100########

  • The password should be the TAX ID number (TIN)

  • You will be prompted to change your password after the initial login attempt

The password may need to be reset. If it does, please call TSYS customer service at (800) 285-1812 only for password reset. “Password reset” is option 5 from the main menu when you call that number.

For eSolutions (MeS) Merchants

MIDs beginning with 9410

The website (URL) to access is:

  • Log in to the system using your MID as the ID: – 941000######

  • The password should be the business contact phone number

  • You will be prompted to change your password after the initial login attempt

The password may need to be reset. If it does, please call MeS customer service at (888) 288-2692 only for password reset. Note: Please make sure that the Admin is the individual that makes the call.

If you need additional customer service regarding accessing online reporting, contact UMS Banking customer service at: (800) 866-1881


pci data security

In 2006, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Associations got together to work out how to stem the rising rates of theft of cardholder information. This collaboration resulted the PCI Data Security Standard, which consists of the rules all merchants must adhere to or risk losing their ability to process credit cards.

The PCI Data Security Standard is a 326-point program that covers the rules for all possible ways to process credit cards. To support your merchants, UMS banking put together a simple program that allows merchants to understand and fulfill their requirements.


PART 1: Yearly SAQs Made Simple

An SAQ is a Self-Assessment Questionnaire. The purpose of an SAQ is to allow you to self-validate PCI Compliance. You will fill this out when you sign up with UMS and renew it annually.

There are several versions of the SAQs and the one that you need to do is based on your processing environment. Celero PCI easily and simply allows you to determine which SAQ to do by asking simple questions that a businessperson can understand about how to process credit cards.


PART 2: Quarterly Network Scans

Depending on your processing environment, you may need to also do a vulnerability scan of your system for PCI compliance. This will help you identify security issues, so you can address them. This service is also provided through the PCI Compliance Tool and you can even make a scheduled scan date.


PART 3: Security Templates

Celero PCI provides security policy templates that allow you to easily formulate a required security policy for your company without having to start from scratch.


PART 4: Breach Protection

Unfortunately, being diligent and completing an SAQ does not always prevent a data breach. Although you hear about the big breaches, it is the smaller merchant that represents the majority of security breaches.

In the event of a breach, you need a way to protect your business. UMS Banking provides this needed protection by including breach protection with Celero PCI. Breach protection covers the financial impact of a mandatory forensic audit required by the PCI DSS when a data breach is suspected; Card replacement costs and related expenses; and PCI DSS assessments and fines resulting from a data breach.

merchant resources

Welcome and congratulations on obtaining your new merchant bankcard processing account from UMS Banking powered by Celero. Your credit card processing services will be provided by UMS Banking (United Merchant Services of California, Inc.) and powered by the authorization processing of Global Payments, Inc., TSYS, or Merchant E-Solutions Inc. Together, our goal is to ensure that you have all the information necessary to help your business grow. We encourage you to study both the Card Acceptance Guidelines, provided for you on this page, as well as the Card Services Terms & Conditions.

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