Value Added Products Keep Your Customers Happy and Increase Your Income, Too

Most people think of their credit card processor as simply a company that provides the technology and service to help them accept credit card and debit card payments for their products or services.

UMS Banking is not only a credit card processor, but a full-service payments solutions company. To fulfill that wider mission, UMS offers several products we call “value added,” to help our merchants meet a variety of customer needs and increase their own revenue, too.


Prepaid Cards

UMS offers a versatile solution set to meet all merchant prepaid card needs. Prepaid cards are a powerful tool for increasing sales and generating profit on every transaction, without having to maintain inventory. You can achieve this by offering wireless and long distance cards, as well as reloadable debit cards and international mobile recharge cards.

With prepaid cards, you can attract new customers, provide added value to your existing clientele while bringing in more revenue.


Customized gift cards

Gift cards are a favorite of retailers, restaurants, and other B2C businesses, and for good reason. Our customized gift cards—allowing for custom quantities, graphic designs, and fonts reflecting your branding and ideas—will boost your gift sales while eliminating the cashback problem of gift returns.

Capitalize on the loyalty of your customer base by helping them give the gift of your business to their friends and loved ones with customized gift cards from UMS Banking.


Payroll Cards

Our merchants can take care of their employees with the SOLE™ Visa® Payroll Card, a prepaid card that eliminates paper checks and the need to convert checks into cash. The employer funds the payroll card as a a direct deposit transaction through their existing payroll system.

For employees, there’s no bank account or credit check is required, making all employees eligible. Furthermore, you can customize payroll cards with personal photos or choose from a gallery of images.



Many retail establishments, hotels, and other businesses that depend on foot traffic rely on automated teller machines to add convenience while increasing revenue.

Even with many cash-free payments solutions accessible, many consumers still rely on cash for certain purchases and see ATMs as a necessity, not just a convenience. Cash-dispensing ATMs have become the fastest growing and most requested service in America. Now, through UMS Banking, you can own an ATM. Place an ATM in your own store or in another location of your choice, and start making more money today.

Other value-added products available from UMS Banking, such as PINpads, increase your mobility as well as add convenience and multiple payment options to your customer base, including contactless card readers and NFC card readers. Learn more by contacting our customer service team here at UMS!