UMS Banking Launches VEGA3000 Countertop Terminal

UMS Banking is pleased to announce the launch of the latest innovation from global payments hardware-maker Castles Technology, the VEGA3000 countertop terminal.


The VEGA3000 is a PIN pad or PIN entry device that accepts payments based on a variety of technology platforms, including EMV, NFC/Contactless/Apple Pay, Magstripe and PIN debit transactions. The VEGA3000 connects via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or via Ethernet to the merchant’s local network allowing it to be used with USA Epay’s virtual terminal.

Merchants may use the device and PIN pad in conjunction with the USA Epay virtual terminal, or you can set up the VEGA3000 as a stand-alone device that links into the virtual terminal’s database. In addition, the VEGA3000 features a thermal printer as part of the countertop device.

The VEGA3000’s inclusion of signature capture capabilities is just another reason the countertop terminal will be a merchant favorite. With signature capture, the customer signs for the transaction on the actual device on the screen, rather than a paper ticket.  

The VEGA3000 from Castles Technology optimizes speed and convenience for customers, and merchants such as retail operations and quick-service restaurants will want to explore the virtual terminal, complemented by the PIN pad device, as a way to deliver greater value to their customers and their own businesses.

For more information on the VEGA3000, contact the team at UMS Banking today.