Refreshing, to Say the Least


Jim Harris August 21, 2019 –If you’ve hit a link from our social media channels or had this article passed along to you by a friend, you’re finding me on our all-new UMS Banking website.

In an earlier article, I shared how much I enjoyed change, and how I was thrilled to join the team at UMS.  Even when you’re joining an already special group, there’s something really great about working together to make things fresh and new again. So I was naturally excited to see our fresh new look—it’s the team at UMS planting our flag and saying that we’re ready for a fresh set of challenges.  The marketplace never rests, so neither can we.  

For a long time, UMS defined what a referral bank program was for a community bank. Now that we’re even stronger, powered by Celero, we are redefining what it will be for the future. In that same article, I shared my career-long passion for serving community banks. If you drive across the country, in many towns or even parts of large metropolitan areas, you’ll see the household banking names begin to recede, giving way to scores of community banks providing the products and services to small and mid-sized companies that give them working capital and better cash flow. I’ve always wanted to be a part of that, and through UMS Banking powered by Celero, I’m feeling even more fulfilled about my role in helping communities across America.

Central to our mission at UMS and Celero is the premise that community banks deserve the best products and tools, backed by the best customer service in the industry. They deserve, no matter their size or location, what’s routinely provided to large enterprises. Our CEO, my good friend Kevin Jones, calls what we provide to community banks “high-tech and high-touch.”  

If you’re a community bank CEO, and you think you know UMS, it’s time to think again. We need to talk. It’s a new day, and through our high-tech, high-touch approach, we know you’ll love what we can offer whether you are looking at a Referral or Agent bank program, with all of the latest products and technology coupled with first-in-class service through dedicated relationship managers. You don’t have to sacrifice boutique service to get the best technology. Now, at the new UMS, you can have it all, and your merchants can, too.

Our job here isn’t to sell you on a certain program. Rather, our job is to help our partners grow. We take the time to learn about your goals for a program and deliver a custom solution that delivers value to your commercial clients and revenue to your bank.  When we do our jobs right, we grow because you’re growing, just as you grow when your customers grow. When the health of everyone’s businesses is aligned, great things can happen. Contact us today to explore your possibilities with the new UMS Banking, powered by Celero.