UMS Banking Launches Clover POS for Small Business


We told you great changes are coming. Less formal, more direct to merchants.

As part of its ongoing commitment to help merchants drive growth and sustainable profitability, the UMS Banking team is excited to announce a new partnership with Clover Commerce, maker of the Clover POS system for small businesses.

UMS will offer the full suite of Clover technology offerings to its portfolio of restaurants, retail shops, and service businesses. Clover’s terminals include the countertop Station and Mini, as well as the Flex for tableside service, and Go, which lets users swipe, dip, and tap payments from a mobile phone.

Clover’s terminals feature point-of-sale capabilities, enable merchants to accept payments and offer gift cards, and manage customer relationships. The all-in-one interface also provides management tools designed to optimize scheduling and reporting for shift, commissioned, and tipped employees.  Compatible point-of-sale apps include capabilities for seating guests and managing waitstaff, earning feedback from customers, running loyalty programs, scheduling, inventory management, sales tax compliance, and accounting.

“Our partnership with Clover will be a game-changer for many of the small businesses we serve,” said Jim Harris, President of Sales and Marketing at UMS Banking. “What our friends at RazorSync are doing for field service businesses—helping them grow through meeting a wide variety of needs within a software-as-a-service umbrella—is exactly what we expect to see from Clover with regard to restaurants, boutiques, and barber shops.”

The Clover POS terminals, known for their versatility, benefit not only from Clover Commerce’s commitment to ongoing improvement, but also from the way Clover’s platform has attracted the world’s leading app developers to leverage the POS terminal for empowering new merchants. Taken in tandem, Clover’s advantages can take good business ideas and turn them into good businesses, according to Harris.

“We believe it’s not simply our job to empower merchants to take electronic payments, but to help them compete and win in business,” he added. “With Clover, we believe that the combination of technology and tools, along with our best-in-class service and support, is unbeatable for merchants looking to hit next-level success in their marketplace.”

According to Harris, the UMS/Clover partnership makes sense for the company’s portfolio of community banks. “Part of our vision for the UMS Banking, powered by Celero, is to democratize payments technology and business tools to the legion of small and mid-sized businesses who work with community banks across America,” he explained. “These merchants love their community bankers, and our partnership will enable those bankers to deliver the very best integrated terminals to all sorts of restaurants, retail shops, and service businesses. These are the kinds of businesses that are needed in every community, and our message to them and their bankers is that we are here to help.”

For more information on Clover POS systems and what they can do for your business, contact our sales team at UMS Banking today.