Building a Shared Services Platform—for All

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Kevin Brolan September 26, 2019 While I’ve had the pleasure of working for the Celero leadership team in a previous role, I couldn’t say no to the current challenge that Kevin Jones, Jeff Brown, and Jim Harris are addressing in the marketplace. We all know and admire small business owners. They are our friends and family members, our neighbors, too. Helping to build the ultimate platform to help business owners compete and win in the marketplace, a mission that transcends payments, software, or any other component parts, was something I just couldn’t resist for this next phase of my career.

Our Job Is a Big One

As National Sales Manager, I’ve been tasked directly with finding that common DNA in the legacy companies that comprise Celero Commerce—UMS, Elmhurst, Tandem, and RazorSync—and building an integrated, cross-functional sales team. The idea of what our unified company strives to be, in a sales sense, is incredible, but no idea can be built into a reality without a lot of parties coming together. Our incredible mission requires that everyone involved not only does his or her part, but does more.

I’m learning already that perhaps the most important aspect of what I’ve been doing so far is inter-departmental and organizational communication. The key ingredients of our team—teamwork and passion—travels across the company and back through multiple channels of communication. Our team’s passion, whether they’ve been working at UMS for a few years or they’re brand new at Tandem, is to be a part of something bigger than themselves. In fact, it’s bigger than Celero, too.

Communication, Teamwork, and Passion Will Drive Us

When you work together as a team, you not only have to summon your best possible effort with each endeavor, but you must also submit your own ego to put the team first. That second part is really difficult, especially for folks in sales, but it’s necessary to breaking down the walls that separate us to become a cohesive unit.

We are currently using our passion and teamwork to learn together what each of our legacy companies does best, based largely on the resources and technology that each team had in place before joining Celero, as well as some of the new tools that have come into play since Celero’s launch, like Womply. While it’s a challenge to go beyond what you’ve learned to be good at your business, we’re all pretty excited to learn about each other’s strengths, so that we can bring those strong points to bear for our merchants nationwide.

Small Businesses Are Counting on Us

Our job is only beginning, but don’t expect us to take things slowly. Accelerate is built into our company name, after all, which means, accelerated commerce. Our small businesses mean too much to all of us for us to let them down by falling short of our mission. We will work together, stay passionate, and keep talking. In the end, a customer can enter any of our legacy companies as a starting point and gain exposure to a much wider world of services and tools that any of us could ever have imagined.

Very soon the term shared services platform will have meaning that goes well beyond the walls of Celero Commerce. Our merchants will be more equipped to succeed than their competitors, and we will help them grow sustainably, doing our part to help American business.