Brolan Takes National Sales Reins for Celero’s Shared Services Platform

Kevin Brolan.jpg

Celero Commerce is proud to welcome Kevin Brolan to our team as National Vice President of Sales. Kevin is working with teams here at UMS Banking, as well as our sister companies, RazorSync and Elmhurst Financial. 

Our communications team sat down with Kevin recently to better understand his leadership role in driving the unified teams of Celero Commerce forward, as we serve merchants and community bank partners nationwide. 

Tell us about your role at Celero Commerce.

I’ve joined as National VP of Sales for Celero Commerce, to continue building out our sales teams at UMS, RazorSync, and Elmhurst Financial. My primary focus right now is in building and training a team of fintech and merchant services experts across all of our companies.

Traditionally, when you take on a sales leadership role, you tend to focus on selling one thing. It’s quite a bit different here. While each team might have different priorities and expertise—UMS people will primarily know the world of payments, while RazorSync folks will work mainly on software---we are positioning everyone to sell the advantages of what the others offer as well.  Main part of that is traditionally, you come into an org and focus on one thing. At Celero, as we build it out, there’s a lot of technology and offerings and industry advantages that we can tie into each sales position.

Each team within our larger group will also work with bank relationship managers to establish strategies for lead generation and sales conversions across our service footprint. We are also collaborating with our marketing team to make sure they understand where we may have gaps in the field that require investment of marketing dollars.

Overall, we’re executing strategies based on combining our disparate sales organizations around the country, so that they have a central purpose and management.

Tell us about your career prior to coming on board at Celero. 

In my most recent role, I spent about a year-and-a-half as Director of Sales at Talus Payments. In 2012, I joined Anovia Payments, a startup led by Celero’s founder, Kevin Jones, jumping at the opportunity to work as an account executive. By the time I left, I’d been promoted to team lead and then subsequently to Director of Sales. Prior to Anovia, I worked at SignaPay, where Kevin was President at the time. After starting there in marketing, I quickly wanted to switch to sales and be a part of what Kevin and Andy Meadows were building there, which they would ultimately replicate with even greater success. As an account executive, I really enjoyed my time learning the payments industry and figuring out that this was the career path I wanted. 

What attracted you to the opportunity at Celero?

Since I love this industry, I’m always looking for ways to advance in my career. And the fact that I could join forces with Kevin again made coming to Celero a no-brainer for me, personally and professionally. The crew he’s assembled here has a strong track record of building organizations in the right way and finding great success. All I really needed to know that I wanted to be a part of Celero was learning about the flexibility built into my job here. The fact that the leadership team here is giving me every tool I need to get the job done means more to me than anything else.

Where do you see the experience for merchants and bank partners getting even better?

On top of the relationships and opportunities that drew me to Celero, the structure of what we’re trying to build really stands out in fintech and lends itself to continuing to maximize the experience for everyone involved, whether you’re a community banker or a merchant. We’re a payments company first, but with enterprise-level technology that’s largely been previously unavailable to small and mid-sized business. Removing barriers to entry for payments and technology offerings frees our bank partners and their merchants to be as productive as possible.  

As we scale and build out internal technology, acquire external technology, and build our sales team to execute a shared services model, it’ll drive down our costs. The shared services piece is what I’m most excited about in my new role. While a new referral partner or merchant must adhere to a few strict guidelines to work with us, we don’t have near the hurdles that most others in our space have to contend with on a daily basis. Here, those obstacles to doing business—which I’ve seen in other places I’ve worked—are just gone. That’s such a positive for Celero, our partners, and most of all, our merchants. Being able to work with industry leaders like MES, TSYS, and First Data, all on a unified platform, makes it so easy for us to say “yes” most of the time we’re presented with a sales opportunity.  

What do you like to do outside of work? 

My job requires a lot of travel, as we continue to build teams in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Nashville. Right now, I’m based in Dallas-Fort Worth, so I can be central to my teams. That said, time with family and friends is especially precious right now. So I spend my down time with my girlfriend of three years, and we especially enjoy any time with my niece, the ultimate two-year-old alpha female!   

The teams at UMS, RazorSync, and Elmhurst Financial wish Kevin Brolan every success in his new role.