Running a small company, you know the power of technology and its ability to help you build your business steadily and profitably. At UMS Banking, we’re here to help you grow faster, giving you the right tools to win, including leading-edge payment processing, management software, and business intelligence—along with a commitment to service unmatched in our industry.

options for taking payments

Are you looking for a game-changing electronic payments platform to take your business to next-level success? Take a look at some of our many options for technology suited to the unique needs of each UMS merchant customer. From contactless terminals to gateways that integrate with your business management software, we have it all for you.


select your industry

From retail and e-commerce to non-profits and churches, we have the right processing tools to help you increase revenue while managing risk associated with taking payments for your products, services, or donations. While we effectively serve all types of businesses, take a look at some of the industry sectors that call UMS Banking their home for payments, management tools, and more.

online reporting

UMS Banking uses multiple processors who have their own unique systems for online reporting. Please refer to the first 4 digits of your MID (Merchant Identification Number) to access your online reports.


other merchant resources

Your credit card processing services will be provided by UMS Banking (United Merchant Services of California, Inc.) and powered by the authorization processing of Global Payments, Inc., TSYS, or Merchant E-Solutions Inc. Together, our goal is to ensure that you have all the information necessary to help your business grow.


PCI data security

The PCI Data Security Standard is a 326-point program that covers the rules for all possible ways to process credit cards. To support your merchants, UMS banking put together a simple program that allows merchants to understand and fulfill their requirements.