Since its founding more than 30 years ago, UMS Banking has placed clients first, focusing on innovation and an unwavering commitment to meeting customer needs through attentive, responsive service. Our proactive approach to innovation has delivered a number of firsts for our industry, serving banking partners with outsourced liability, point-of-sale debit transactions, wireless technology, smart cards and gift cards, and much more. The results speak for themselves, as our bank partners and merchant customers have seen steady revenue growth and increased efficiency, driving greater productivity and profitability along the way.

In late 2018, UMS Banking joined the family of companies at Celero Commerce, a Nashville-based leader in financial technology solutions. Celero is committed to building the premier technology platform serving small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) with payments solutions and integrated management tools. Now that we are part of Celero, UMS is taking its capabilities for SMBs to the next level, driving unprecedented, data-driven decision-making to help SMBs grow quickly and sustainably.

Our new, integrated approach to serving banks and their merchants will help SMBs attract more new business, retain and grow with existing customers, automate their marketing, and manage their online reputations, all key factors to succeeding in an increasingly digital world. It’s a new day at UMS Banking, powered by Celero. We are poised to lead the payment processing sector for years to come, as we stay committed to small and mid-sized community banks and their merchants who drive the American economy.