The Wrap

So, we have been sending out regular communication on each of these items individually, but if you have ANY questions regarding the following:

  • if you are compliant already,
  • what you may need to do on any one of these four areas to upgrade,
  • how to prevent getting fined, or more positively, what to do to meet the compliance standards
  • or even why the upgrades are being demanded by the various entities,

just send our customer service help desk an email at and we will get a response back to you. Or call 800-866-1881 M-F 8 AM to 5 PM and ask your questions.

Thank you for being a UMS Banking client!. We always value your input.

There is more information available on benefitting from encouraging Discover Card acceptance at your business and other tools to build business. Contact marketing at

Contact us as above or fill out a request here for a customer service agent to contact you at a certain time.

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