Tuition+ Payments

Predictable Payments+

Reduced Bookkeeping+

Control of Your Budget+

An all-in-one payments program that meets the critical needs of your school.

Imagine a payments program tailored to your needs!


Built for Administrators


Simple, easy and convenient
Anyone can learn and use this technology

Robust on-line reporting-follow the money!
Detailed payment history by department

Integrate to QuickBooks or export to Excel
Reduces accounting and bookkeeping

Prediction for your School Budget
One Flat Reasonable Rate

Scalable – start at your comfort level
Expand features as budget or needs allow

Reduce or eliminate cash deposits
Accept payments anytime, anywhere

No “third party collection costs”
Automate accounts receivable In-house*

Payment Friendly for Parents


Simple, easy and convenient
Multiple ways to enroll & pay fees:

  • On-line at school website
  • By electronic invoice through automated payments from the bank or a credit card
  • With mobile technology at events
  • At the front desk in person

No Checks, No Cash, No Worries
Any and all payments made simple:

Field tripsSports
LunchSpecial events
FundraisersService clubs

One-Time and Special Events – Our Specialty!

Pre-pay tickets, speed through registration, facilitate donations and spending!

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Tuition Plus Payments puts YOU in control!

One Reasonable Rate gives you prediction!
One Integrated Platform gives you multiple payment options!
One Consolidated Report gives you analytics!

Tuition Plus Payments PC


How Does Your School Take Payments?

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Whether a Credit Card or a Check Payment,
our Convenient Platform Integrates It All!

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