Mobile Solutions

Accepting payment is as easy as making a phone call

Turn your mobile device into your own payment processing center. We have credit card processing solutions for any mobile device; cell phones, tablets, laptops – on any type of set-up: apple, android, etc.

UMS Banking Products and Services: Mobile Solutions

Countertop Solutions

Doing more in less space with the newest terminals

Our products are registered class A certified. Although we can support just about every type of equipment in the marketplace today, we focus on selling those that we find the most reliable and industry compliant.

UMS Banking Products and Services: Countertop Solutions

Tablet Solutions

Tablet POS solutions for your business

Point of Sale app that runs your business- accept mobile payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, credit and debit cards. Our tablet solutions can be customized to be as simple or sophisticated as you need.

UMS Banking Products and Services: Star Micronics

Internet Gateways

UMS Netpay

Internet Payment Solutions for any Business or Non-Profit Organization

Our payment gateway is compatible with multiple shopping carts and e-stores. You will appreciate how easy it is to use as well as the extensive features and reporting capabilities you have at your fingertips.

One Platform, Four Products

  • Submit your referrals through our online sales portal. The application and merchant questions are handled by the assigned UMS Bank Account Manager.
  • UMS approves the accounts and takes liability, installs the new program and trains the merchant in their new payment options.
  • Start collecting revenue from each transaction.
  • Recurring Billing
  • Fraud Center
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Online Shopping Cart Integrator
  • Check Processor
  • Payment Manager

Additional Supported Gateways

Merchant e-Solutions

3 Delta Systems
Global Transport VT

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