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Your merchant customers demand affordable payment processing services, so you must offer one in order to compete and thrive. However, developing a program of your own can be time-consuming and expensive. UMS Banking Merchant Referral Program allows you to quickly meet those demands – without a costly outlay of time and resources.

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UMS Banking provides specialized processing systems for the retail, restaurant, lodging and hospitality, automotive, eCommerce, Government, education and healthcare industries. To continue its leadership in the eCommerce market, UMS Banking has developed the most sophisticated and flexible point-of-sale systems available.

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At UMS Banking we understand that each bank has its own unique needs and that one program does not fit all. UMS Banking has dedicated its resources to enabling financial institutions to compete in the transaction world with simplicity and ease. That’s why we offer our banking partners a variety of options with which to design their merchant program.

Customized Partner Programs for Financial Institutions

We understand that each bank has its own unique needs and that one program does not fit all. That’s why we offer our baking partners a variety of options with which to design their merchant program. Our success is measured by the growth, retention and profitability of our banks’ portfolios. Couple that with a high level of satisfaction on the part of your merchants, and you have a winning program.

Outsourced Referrals

Our Most Popular Program

This program gives your bank the opportunity to grow the size and volume of the merchant account portfolio with zero liability. In this program, UMS Banking takes all risk and the bank simply collects revenue from approved merchant accounts in the bank portfolio. It is our 1-2-3 program. The bank is provided with full reporting and an employee incentive program for referrals.

1. Submit your referrals through our online sales portal. The application and merchant questions are handled by the assigned UMS Bank Account Manager.
2. UMS approves the accounts and takes liability, installs the new program and trains the merchant in their new payment options.
3. Start collecting revenue from each transaction.

Retained Liability

Several Options Available on this Program

On the Retained Liability program, as a partnered bank, you do your own underwriting and approve your selected merchant accounts.

a. Your bank can build and download their terminals and ship out and train their customers.
b. You can have UMS reprogram and ship the merchant’s credit card device.
c. Offer your merchants 24/7 HELP DESK support or outsource some or all of this support.

Of course, since your bank does their own risk management, you get a bigger piece of the revenue, but also have a higher service management cost.

Hybrid Programs

Customized Programs for your Bank

Our Hybrid program is a combination of the two programs. This “Pick and Choose” option provides our partnered banks with an alternative solution in the management of the Risk and Liability with their different merchants. Thus giving banks better control of their Portfolio profitability.

With this program, your bank is also able to pick and choose what other parts of the programs you would like to retain in-house. A few options include: Chargebacks, tech support, marketing, terminal installation, etc.

Included with all Programs:

All of our programs come with full on-going training on the Sales Portal for UMS banking partners, marketing support such as co-branding promotional materials (statement stuffers, brochures, etc.) and 24/7 “HELP DESK” support for your merchants.